martedì 5 maggio 2015


Riporto un post che avevo pubblicato sul mio tumblr tempo fa. Lo lascio in inglese perché è così che l'ho scritto. Stavo ripensando alla questione del Joker ieri sera, visto che è uscita da poco la foto promozionale del nuovo Joker.
Ecco qua:

Last night I was in bed and I was thinking about the Joker (mostly because I was facing the bookcase and the Killing Joke was just there).
 I was thinking that now I’m completely unimpressed with the Joker. I’m bored, I don’t want to read about him anymore; he’s a cheap device to shock the audience with gruesome crimes.
 Nothing new, we are basically used to him: when he appears, we know it’s gonna be gross. Same old story.
 And maybe that’s the joke. That’s the ultimate joke. 
Maybe getting used to his violence is his ultimate punchline.
 And this terrifies me.